The Best Affordable Bathroom Vanity Light Fixtures

Affordable Bathroom Vanity Light

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Black and gold bathroom vanity light fixture.

Find Affordable Vanity Lights

I looked high and low for my vanity lights. I was on a builder’s budget but wanted character instead of typical fixtures found at Home Depot or Lowes. Here were my favorite finds and a few others I had my eye on.

Black Industrial meets Farmhouse

#1 Is my own bathroom vanity light seen above.  FYI there is also a three light option. These ended up being my favorites. Not only because they were the most affordable ($32.99 each), but I feel they bring some uniqueness. The gold is more of a brass, not as coppery seen in the product image.

See my full bathroom design HERE!

These light fixtures are in the kids bathroom. You get two lights for $45.99. See the kids bathroom HERE! 

If you need a double light in this style, I had my eye on this other one.

Farmhouse All Black Vanity Light

This is my light in the basement/guest bathroom, the room isn’t necessarily farmhouse style but I was seeking an all black option. This one was the winner at $38.99. It says “oil-rubbed bronze” for color but I trusted the reviews that this is true black (it is). Did not disappoint!

Affordable Gold Vanity Fixtures

Still keeping around $60 per fixture these two are gorgeous in my opinion. I secretly wish I would have gone with this metal color as I think it would have really brightened up my bathrooms.

Bold and Modern Vanity Lights

The light fixtures here are the most pricey, but all still under $100 each. Golly, these are gorgeous light fixtures!!

I hope you found some inspiration! A new light fixture can go a long way in giving your bathroom a new little makeover! If you are looking for new mirrors I found mine HERE! But honestly either adding trim to your existing flush mirror, a quick spray paint, or look at Hobby Lobby. They seem to carry a great selection of large mirrors and they go on sale (50% off) every other week!

Happy Creating!

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