Small Laundry Room Idea

Small Laundry room with design tile, folding table

Laundry, Laundry, Oh How I Loathe Thee…

I do not like laundry, when robots become a feasible thing this will be the first task taken off my plate. But not going to lie this space does make it a little bit more enjoyable…a little!  This is a high traffic area since off the front entry and is the access point to the garage. The table top makes it perfect to throw clean laundry for folding or the bags and junk from the car. I will post my DIY of the table top soon. Hobby Lobby hook shelf (hint: wait for their monthly 50% wall decor!) is used for some air drying, lonely socks waiting for their partners, and gloves/hats in the winter. Little hanging baskets for added misc. item support found at Target. The absolutely perfect “endless laundry” sign another Hobby Lobby find!

This flooring!!!! I am not a brave person with patterns/designs but LOVE this look, found at Lowes for <$3 sq. foot! I used charcoal grout, you can do this or white, but with high traffic chose dark. It took some courage to commit to it (which is why it is in such a small area) but soooooo happy I did!

Can we just talk about the door for a moment!? Insert dramatic Leah “swooning”. I will make a post in the future on my favorite compilation of affordable barn doors…stay tuned! 

I had my builder switch the original entry plan, all for this door! Blue prints called for a coat closet in the hallway. Taking that away made a deeper closet in the laundry room and allowed a solid wall to place a barn door. I had envisioned glass/metal for an industrial look, but to also bring in even more light.

Holy moly… glass barn doors, have you ever looked for one!!!? It is depressing, this typically requires a custom door that can cost up to $2,000 for a similar look. I wanted it so badly, I really was trying to find a way in the budget for it. BUT Home depot online to the rescue…click here… (it’s currently out of stock, I think a hot item and Covid not helping things, but I had to wait for it too) this one * drum roll *… $360!  I am impressed by this door, the reviews were not great on HD but Wayfair it was 5 stars, so I went with it! Its’ only downfall is no handle but to me this is a pro that no coats/sleeves are getting snagged, toddler heads aren’t hitting the handle edge, and it opens/closes really easily without one. But if you have (or are) a handy person with a welder, you could easily (I think) add a handle, if desired.

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  1. Looking forward to the DIY of your table top! Have been wanting to do something like that for years!

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