Simple Twin Headboard DIY for Kid’s Room with Magnolia Paint

Transitioning to the "Big Boy Bed"

I will not cry, I will not cry…giving myself a prep talk while I take down the baby crib for this little boy. Why do they go through this stage so fast!? We survived for almost three years with no climbing out of the crib. But within a few weeks this little man had decided to climb out of the crib and destroy his room. Breaking his dresser, tearing down curtains, and murdering his plant were on his list of crazy tornado explorations. So toddler proofing the room, a great sleep training clock that is working somewhat well, and the addition of this big boy bed. If looking for the bedding and rug they are sadly out of stock…I found them at H&M they have an adorable substitute though that would be more of vintage green:


Black and White Theme!?

  • Duvet (faint black/grey dots) here
  • Rug here

On to the Actual Project...

This headboard and bed frame had been in the family for generations, they have been the foundation of a restful night for many who visited Grandma and Papa’s farm. The other one is in Lucy’s room painted white. Going from red to a dark gray. I used Magnolia Coffee Nook (no surprise huh!?) this was to match the reading corner accent I had done, see that post here or Theo’s full room here. A quick run over with sand paper prior, wipe down, and just two coats of satin paint brushed on.

Speaking on sleep training: It has been a process and we have not perfected it…daylight savings time doesn’t help either (kind of bitter and grumble about this yearly). But found this star clock on Amazon. It lights up red for bed time and green for “ok to get up”. You can also set a yellow for 30 minutes before getting up and a yellow for nap time. We are keeping it simple with the red/green and made up a little rhyme: “When light is red stay in bed, when light is green you can be seen”. So far only seems to be working for bed time (which I will take) and giving some grace as it is hard to listen to the light when you have a sibling wanting you to get up and play. Other likes about it are a rubber top and a basic white night light that can be turned on/off manually!

Check out the clock here

If you are in this big bed – sleeping training transition stage, hang in there!! 

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