Modern White Kitchen

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The Kitchen...

“…Almost Always the Best Place in the House” – Julia Child

Where to even begin…

I went through William’s Kitchen and Bath (which is Michigan based) for design layout and cabinets, these are River Run cabinets, they have soft close and I love the straight line trimming which matches my interior doors. The walk-in corner pantry my builder was able to add this into the plans using the empty space over the basement stairs. Hood vent and shelving were made custom by Blue Fig Artisan found originally on Etsy. Basic backsplash 3×12 subway tile with a slight wave and charcoal grout. I chose a black undermount granite sink with a slender tall arched Vigo faucet (that has brass writing to tie in with accents).

Closer look at the Pantry door painted in Magnolia’s Silverado Sage; and sign from Magnolia at Target (it is small but for $8 is perfect!)

Let’s talk cabinet handles. I searched all over Pinterest to find a picture where more than one color of cabinet handle was used. I could not find anything, but decided to give it a try and I personally love it! Something about a brassy gold contrasted on a dark grey or charcoal gives it such a rich appearance. Another budget hack is to head over to Amazon for your hardware in bulk, I paid 50% less (including getting extra since they come in bundles) compared to the exact same handle at the kitchen designers. I tried to combine that black/brass in the light fixtures as well to give more unity.

I love the light and dark contrast!!! AND these bar stools (Amazon again…do you see a running theme?) are surprisingly comfortable (I was leary with a low back), affordable, and wipe clean easily (with little kids this was an important review that had me sold!).

Kitchen cabinets

Closer look at the gorgeous light fixture and the custom shelves. Which, funny story, they were suppose to fit snug into this spot but I did not account for the 1/2″ finish strip placed with the 36” base cabinet. Grrr… shaved off a few inches for a more floating appearance.

Coffee and Jesus…my morning starts here everyday!

Side note best Keurig I have owned yet (Black Friday score)!

Coffee & Sugar containers – Magnolia at Target

Mugs – Magnolia at Target

So we can’t not talk about the dining room now. The table is obviously the focal point but I had no idea what I was going to do here. Since open concept it had to tie in with the kitchen. Decided to DIY, will post this soon under DIY tab. I am really happy with how closely I matched the dining room table with the island!

Maybe my children are just crazy but after purchasing a small new table at my old rental house I decided I would never buy a new table with little kids. Fork indentations from chants of “we want food…we want food” to watermarks, nope. It causes momma to be too frazzled “over spilt milk”. So $65 Facebook marketplace find (with legs that matched the kid table), a few cans of charcoal chalk paint, hemp seed oil for curing, and viola! This allowed me to spend a little more on armed chairs from Magnolia at Target, with seat cushions coming from World Market. Anyways, the adult modern chairs literally cost less then $25 a piece when I purchased them…here! The kid version also on Amazon but cheaper at Hobby Lobby if you can find them in stock.

Other finds from dining room


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