Living Life

"Birds sing after a storm, why shouldn't we?" - Rose Kennedy

Life can bring storms in all different forms, but we can sing and fly again. This page is dedicated to resources that have helped me during my storms and also during the healing as I sing again; working on bettering ourselves is a constant process.

I am kind of a big fan of birds, probably started from my 13 year-old self being romanticized by the Notebook, “If you’re a bird, I’m a bird”. But in all seriousness they symbolize gracefulness and elegance but strength and freedom; much like the woman’s soul.

Single Momma’s here is your #1 Resource

Whatever has brought you to this place of single motherhood, working through grief, healing, and just the “how do I do this!?”, there is a podcast here for you. Michelle brings her own experience and speakers that just talk “life” as a single parent, so I highly recommend!


I also want to add even if you are not a mom there are some great podcasts specifically on domestic violence. This for me was oddly a relief hearing that I was not alone in this; you will truly benefit listening to those who know what you went through and resources in how to forgive, heal, and move on.

PlusOne is an online community where single parents are uplifted and encouraged through the unconditional ‘agape’ love of Jesus Christ. It’s also home of The Christian Single Moms Podcast, a podcast devoted to addressing real issues single moms deal with: divorce, abuse, trauma recovery, parenting, dating, and more. PlusOne Parenting features a private Facebook community and weekly guided Scripture meditations to help single mothers discover the life of peace, power, and purpose that God still has for them. 

PlusOne Parenting was founded by Michelle Donnelly, single mother of three and author of a bible study for single moms called “Seen: Hope and Healing for Single Moms.”

You can learn more at www.agapemoms.comPlu

Life is busy but time with God is necessary

This has been a great resource for daily devotions. I mostly use their app called “First 5”, but they have so many resources online too! Click here

If you want something more tangible…I have yet to start this. But I gave it to someone (who is a very trusted source) and states this book was awesome for that daily time. Click here

Understanding Abuse:

I found this book while searching for hope that a marriage could survive abuse. This is written very unbiasedly (as one author’s marriage survived and the other’s did not). I was searching for a magical formula, of something I could do or change; alas, it comes down to a repentant and changed heart of the abuser. If you are/have been in this type of relationship it often feels confusing and this book helps clearly identify abuse and what is normal vs. not normal in a healthy relationship. 

They have a website with so many resources on abuse with articles, supporting women, and counseling. So not only a resource for women in these situations but if you have a friend or family member this can help you understand what they went through and how you can safely support.

Also, Karen’s husband provides some input in this article, if your spouse truly desires to change that may be helpful to him, and I have a contact through them for their Men’s program just send me an email.

I also would recommend:

 Stop Walking on Eggshells: Taking Your Life Back When Someone You Care About Has Borderline Personality Disorder”  – By Paul Mason and Randi Kreger

If you are currently in an abusive relationship or your spouse struggles with anger this is a great resource. It does not necessarily mean your significant other has this condition, but there are several similarities between abusive relationships and BPD. A good resource for you to protect yourself, tactics to attempt defusing rage, and understanding boundaries.

Lastly (but not least), this is more of a fun read. Becoming Mrs. Lewis is the story of C.S. Lewis’s wife; he is one of my favorite authors for his fictional and theological writings. Ha, I even named my daughter after a character in his fictional series Chronicles of Narnia!  Anyways, she had been in a prior abusive marriage (mind you this is post WWII era) and this journey of finding God’s grace, then friendship/redemptive love with Lewis, it was just a good-feel book of hope for me.