How to Refurbish A Dining Room Table With Chalk Paint Spray Paint

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Dining room table


Step 1: Finding Your Table

I just kept looking on Facebook Marketplace and Craigslist for the right table size. Since painting you don’t have to worry about imperfections that can be filled with wood filler or the wood grain since very little sanding will occur. My goal was between $50-$100 found this guy for $75.

Step 2: Paint Choice

I wanted a dark paint color, to hide imperfections better. There were not many old imperfections, but with kiddos I knew it wouldn’t take long for those to develop. I have never hand painted furniture, always used spray paint. Honestly, I was needing something quick and easy…so I stuck with what I knew.

I went with Rust-Oleum  chalk paint in Charcoal. Found HERE

Step 3: Table Prep

This was actually fairly easy just did a good wipe down. Lightly sanded with 80 grit paper and wiped clean again. Placed all my ground coverings and away we go.

Step 4: Painting

SO the issue I found with spray painting a table is the top. It shows the streaks of the sprayer, so it takes several layers to avoid that. It takes looking at the table at just the right angle and lighting and now after 1+ year of use I hardly can tell that. It is important to avoid start/stop sprays. Start spraying before you make contact with the table and stop after you have completely swiped past the edge.

It did take me about four cans of paint and boy with your index finger be sore!

All total I did 3 coates of spraying.

Step 5: Curing and Sealing

I gave the table 48 hours to sit before sealing. You are probably asking why sealing it? There are multiple reasons but Chalk paint gives a very flat appearance (which is what I desired) but by putting a sealer (usually a wax) on it will bring out the color making it look darker/richer. Sealing also protects the paint from fading and from wear and tear. No water spots on this table! So since this is a table that we are eating off of, I wanted a food safe sealer that was best at repelling spills. I read a lot of pros/cons and recommendations, finally deciding to go with Hemp Seed Oil. It is food safe, one of the best sealants that protects from water/food, and smells good. The con (there has to be one right!?) it takes two days to cure before touching and 2-4 weeks until use!

I waited 3 and it was worth it. I have had the table for 2 years and color is still the same and I have not had to reseal. 

The Hemp Seed Oil I used can be found HERE!

And That's It! find a matching mini table to refurb for the mini people in your home!

Children's Table

Chairs prices/stock can vary for kid’s chair, so here are multiple places you can find them:

Hobby Lobby | Amazon | World Market | Overstock

Isn't it so cute!? Even the legs match the main table. A $20 find on FB Marketplace...I had a streak of luck!

As Always ,

      Happy Creating! 

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