How to Make Kid’s Decorative Jar Containers

When Life Gives You Oranges...

...make decorative jars? 

I use Walmart’s curb-side pickup for groceries for multiple reasons. 1) because it is free, 2) they actually do a half-way decent job, 3) it saves me two hours out of my week, 4) it controls my random spending (which usually gets spent in the icecream or bakery section), 5) you don’t have to get kids out the car, and 6) you just won’t be sorry about doing it, ok! I will stop being an unpaid spokesperson for them now, all that to say that my “no sugar added” canned mandarins got substituted for these boys in some cute glass jars! One can’t resist to make some use of it, seems too wasteful.

I rummaged through the kids toys and found...


…Mr. Lion and Miss Giraffe who would make adorable decorative toppers. 

I simply hot glued (or could use clear Gorilla glue) and spray painted in Rust-oleum Champagne Gold. Viola! and you have yourself some cute nick-nack jar containers.

Play with different toppers, afterwards I noted that this specific jar kind of has a pineapple appearance. I could have gotten some plastic pineapple leaves and spray painted the tops yellow! Cars, little army men, legos, or Disney characters… you never know what little toy figures you can find at the dollar store (don’t forget to look at the party section or fish tank accessories, both may have smaller size figurines that would fit well).

                                 Happy Creating!

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