How to Get that Natural Boho Entryway Look

If this mood board speaks to you. I would love to hear and see how you used these items in your own space!

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I love the look of this console table with cane drawers and the simple industrial legs. This tarnished gold arched mirror with a shelf would be perfect for this sweet minimalistic/modern bird figuring and a small pathos vine plant or succulent. 

The cement geometric lamp gives a rustic appearance and brings out some more industrial appearance. To counteract that, use the light natural Pampas Grass in a white or ivory vase. And add the light basket underneath with a light natural colored blanket (as seen above) or a warmer color (like this one –> HERE.)

For those smaller details I would use 2 light colored vintage or modern books, placing the amber diffuser or an amber candle on top. Additionally, a small simple frame to the side with a black and white picture or quote. Even better just a print like this one from Etsy see this Natural Vintage or Modern Boho (both shops have many more I like!). Seriously, there are so many amazing prints on Etsy to go with your color scheme and what speaks to you (botanical, architecture, landscapes, etc.). Walmart seems to have the easiest and most affordable print options, I typically go for matte. For frames I have this frame on my entryway table see –> HERE. This 4×6 would go great with the style too! See –> HERE. BUT if you decide to do a print I would go even larger with this frame (even taking out the framing mat) see –> HERE.

Happy Creating,​

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