How to DIY Accent Walls from Faux Wallpaper to Reading Corners

DIY Accent Walls

(With Bonus Flag Garland)

I wish I had photos of the process but doing a Blog was not even on my mind when doing this project. The lou is small and I wanted to give it a little splash. The wall is only about 4 ft wide and had my eye on wallpaper, which is beautiful! But felt I could easily replicate since it is perfectly imperfect design and save some money.

BUT if you don’t want to do this DIY checkout the wallpaper I was trying to replicate HERE

Step 1: Choose Colors & Paint Your Base

 I used Magnolia Panna Cotta White for base white paint. Then Magnolia’s Coffee Nook for the slashes. Coffee Nook is used on all my accent walls, I kind of love it, it is a dark gray with a very slight hint of navy. You would only need a sample size for this project.

Added bonus: The main gray paint color is Gray Owl by Benjamin Moore. I will be posting about my top grays soon!

Step 2: Make Your Stencil

I took a 4ft (the width of the wall) piece of cardboard and cut the top to mimic a horizonal row to guide where I start and finish each slash. To give it an overall vertical “feather” (because it looks like a tall vertical feather to me). I made each vertical feather 2” apart going this way / \ Then for the actually ‘feather” (the \/ ) a ½” separation. You can play around with this dependent on how big or small you want to do your slashes.

I remade one so you have some idea on what I am talking about!

*Imperfectly perfect makes it hard to replicate but you get the idea!


Step 3: Stencil Away!

The entire project took about 3 hours (painting white base, making stencil, and then doing the slashes). I started at the top using painters tape at the base of the stencil to help hold up. I also marked 1.5” on the side of the stencil so I could quickly pencil mark on the wall how far down I needed to move the stencil down to start the next horizontal row of slashes.

Accent Wall - Family Growth

There really isn’t much process with this, just painted in Coffee Nook again. I find it best for accent walls to typically be a smaller wall, this is the wall going to the main bedroom.

To give a light pop of contrast, additions of gold frames and black/white photos and a white Scandinavian style hanging ruler found on Etsy.

Cozy Reading Corner DIY

I kind of think this looks like a mountain with my little guy’s Adventure Theme Room (see that post HERE). This is a really simple accent as well. 

Step 1: Measure at the base 3ft out, on both walls of corner, and mark.

Step 2: Start on one side wall. Using painters tape, starting in the top corner, meet the tape to your base mark. 

Step 3: Before taping the other wall side, measure half way down the wall (so I have 9ft ceilings therefore at 4.5’. Then measure horizontally the distance from the corner to the current tape placement, and then mark this on the other side. This allows just for better accuracy and to get a true straight line for symmetrical sides of the corner.

Step 4: Don’t forget to tape your trim!

Step 5: Paint at it! It took two coats for me.

Added Bonus DIY - Paper Flag Banner

I was looking for a linen flag but just not finding the right colors and I am not the greatest sewer to go find my own material. Instead I just used construction paper from Hobby Lobby and twine string. Just cut your first triangle, use that as a template for all the rest, punch holes, and done in 10 minutes. I am happy with my $3 flag garland vs a $35 cloth one from Etsy!

Happy Creating!

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