How to Create a Kid Bathroom

The kid’s bathroom is also the guest bathroom, so wanted it be their own but also not look like Sesame Street threw up in there. For foundations used River Run cabinets but in light grey with marble top, Hobby Lobby knobs, Amazon handles, and sleek black accents. Lights have an accent of gold to tie in with knobs. To throw in color, a soft multi-colored rug with mint green stools and yellow clock/candle. Side note, this rug is really great (even comes with the mesh gripper mat for underneath), it has already passed the wash test two times now! This is after being tortured by a toddler mushing blueberries into it. Find the rug HERE

These mirrors are “pharmacy mirrors” from Target. Reasonably priced and who doesn’t like a little more space for décor. Link -> HERE


Cactus hooks from hobby lobby give a little funness without adding too much bold color. These ones are out of stock but this is next best in my opinion HERE.

Shower curtain found from Target and shower rod is on Amazon and I give it a 5 star for ease of putting up and its’ sturdiness.

“Be Kind and Brave” simple words with depth that I sure hope stick. Every day to be confident, to not get pushed over; but yet be vulnerable to be kind and empathize, a balance that most adults struggle with obtaining.

Additionally a quick DIY idea for the kid’s bathroom. Check it out HERE.

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