Simple Entryway Design

Simple Entryway

First Impressions 

“Yay You’re Here!” thanks for showing up and amusing me as I share my journey and hobbies! If you have any conversation with me I will most likely inject a “yay” at some point, so finding this rug through Target was pretty perfect!!! Entry ways are my favorite part of a home, no matter how small or big, this is your first impression to the rest of your house…no pressure, right!? I had a million ideas for this entry, I have a long wall that could easily be decorated with a beautiful huge collage of pictures and wall décor. But this is our humble abode; I want simplicity, practicality, but yet meaning (and I personally get overwhelmed when trying to take in a lot of décor in one space).

This picture was the root of my entry choices and the first thing you see walking through my door. I love hiking and nature and this picture just radiates “peacefulness” to me. The joys of an early morning fog, that remind me to embrace a slow start to your day; we don’t all have to be morning people, even nature isn’t ready to lift its’ veil. Head over to Seven Paper Prints on Etsy for this download print; quick poster print at Walmart for $13.

A simple Nordic bench from Ikea for getting those shoes on/off and a modern coat rack from Target. Dark green lumbar pillow to bring out the green from the opposing wall picture. Jute rug, from Ikea, to blend in and not take away from the earth base colors. Also, these rugs are hardy perfect for heavy foot traffic!


This gorgeous ceiling light I searched f.o.r.e.v.e.r. for, this big of a light fixture can easily cost $500 or even more if going with name brand. Took the risk on Amazon with a “like new” but damaged box, boom $200, and in perfect condition (the box sure had seen better days, they didn’t lie there). Entry table on the left is a prime example of me adding in some oldness to the home. This entry could have easily handled an expansive table, and there were several that made me dreamy-eyed, but this table brings nostalgia. It was my grandparents and every time I see it I feel the warmth and sweetness that made my heart swell every time I entered their home.

Here is a closer look….

To modernize the table, addition of the marble and brass lamp from World Market (appears to be out of stock but here is a cheaper, just as cute one, at Walmart). Along with straight edged frames with no matting and simple black and white photos of “my peoples” – as quoted by my 5-year old Lucy. But those kids who dwell here, are who bring the liveliness, laughter, and joy so important that one knows what they are entering upon!

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