Chic Main Bedroom

Chic Main Bedroom

My Sweet Place of Respite

“Inhale…exhale”. The wall décor was actually the first planned thing for my room. I purchased the format off Etsy for a few dollars then used Smallwoods that print onto wood sign/frame.  I needed to find something that spoke to me, this is my place of respite. I am a fan of Yoga so when I saw this thought what better way to remind myself to take these deep breaths as I snuggle down for the night or sit in my reading corner.


Bedroom Furniture

I am not a huge fan of bedroom sets, I like there to be a mixture of different woods or metals. For this room I found this affordable platform bed through Wayfair (not currently in stock, sorry). I was nervous getting a beige head/foot board with true gray walls but it pulls the natural wood of the chandelier and I think ties in well!

The nightstands didn’t have great reviews, I think mostly due to them taking a good two hours to put both together. I took the risk and have no complaints, you can find them here.

Reading corner lamp and chair, were older items from previous house but similar ones in links. In the future I forsee a white lounger with a light rattan side table and a couple of wall plants.

While here lets talk mattresses

I am a night owl mixed with bad dreams at times, and to be completely “raw” just the physical loneliness, it can make good sleep hard to come by. BUT this new mattress from Zinus sure helps! It is affordable and not too firm but not too soft, this goldilocks thinks it is just right. Zinus also makes metal, you put together yourself, box springs that I am impressed by and no more creaks from a wooden box spring. No bed skirt hack, is just purchasing a cheap white bed sheet to go over your box spring (just realizing I need to iron mine)…but seriously an awesome hack! I also found a cooling mattress pad/protector from Amazon which helps reduce the heat a memory foam mattress can emit, especially when you have a fluffy thick down comforter like I do!


White modern Bedding from Kohl’s (I had coupons), I have already washed it a few times and no complaints. It has a beautiful faint black stitch that goes in a herringbone pattern. If you have dogs or cats that sleep with you I could see this getting snagged easily. But google search “City Scene Courtney Duvet” plenty of places to get it from! My bed sheets are mocha colored (but look camel to me) found here. I like that these sheets bring unity with the woods from the nightstands, wall decor, and floor lamp.

Real Quick Let's Talk Curtains

The vertical black stitch curtains, pictured here, are from Ikea. Plain white cotton blend that you see in feature picture at top, are from Amazon. The holdbacks and ring clips are from Amazon too. The rods (is it just me or are they ridiculously $$) but found these at Walmart for $15, they are double or triple at Amazon or Target. The clean rod end is perfect for a modern design!

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