Best Area Rugs Under $125

Boho living room rug, chair, gold side table
Which one is your favorite!?

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Affordable Rugs on Amazon With High Reviews

Trying to find that large area rug that is affordable, will give some room depth and subtle design, but also keep up with foot traffic! Here is my list compilation from Amazon all should be in the range of 5’x7′ to 6’x9′.

Boho living room rug, chair, gold side table

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| Gold Drum Side Table | Pillow | Chair |

Throw blanket is out of stock but other options at Target: Black Plaid | Copper Plaid

You can find my full living room design post HERE!

I first have to start with my own area run, seen in the picture above. I bought this bad boy three years ago. It has seen better days, as it has tolerated three years of infant and toddler days. From baby spit up, red juice, markers, banana smash (yes, literally a full banana just gruesomely smashed into it), and even my makeup has made its’ way into the lovely fibers. It must just be so beautiful to why it is a magnet for such destruction by these little minions *cough*… I mean, sweet children.

Club soda, spot cleaning with laundry detergent, or even the magic eraser (the most glorious sponge I have ever known); all have worked to get those stains out.

Enough about my own rug...look at all these beautiful options...



~ Bolder Designs ~

That last one in “terracotta” has me all starry-eyed! I usually stay safe with more natural lighter colors. But thinking my own living room rug will eventually get upgraded to this one!

Happy Creating,

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