Best Affordable Dining Room Light Fixtures Under $100

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Find Affordable Dining Room Lights

Light fixtures go a long way in updating your home! For my home, I have an open house concept. So after you walk through my front foyer you can see my light fixtures from kitchen, living room, and dinning room. I wanted unique fixtures that bring character, but needed them to connect, since one could see them all at the same time. My dining room light was by far the hardest to find, especially affordable! If you go into Lowes or Home Depot their nicest designer lights will cost you between $200-300. My goal was $100 and I accomplished it! Let’s accomplish this for you too!!

Check out each of my rooms for my lights!

Kitchen/Dining – CLICK HERE

Living Room – CLICK HERE

The Best Dining Room Lights my opinion.

First a little piece of advise: If you have round table stick to a round shaped light fixture or a pendent type light. Oval and rectangle tables you can get away with either.

My favorite affordable dining room lights
(if you have a round table this is your section!)

Chrome Lights are HARD to find but here you go!

^ The first chrome light also comes in brushed nickel.


Affordable Modern Farmhouse Dining Room Lights

More Affordable Dining Room Lights
(I would NOT choose these with a round table)

I hope this helps you out. All of my lights have come through Amazon. I have never had any issues with returning if I didn’t like it, even when I risked buying used to save even more $$. 

As always I hope this helps lead you to finishing your project affordably, without giving up on your design dreams. 

Happy Creating!

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