About Me


I am a Nurse Practitioner by day, home décor and design enthusiast by night, 24/7 momma to Lucy & Theo, and my best identification of all: a follower of Christ.

I love all things coffee, reading, nature, and health/wellness, these I think you will find emanate in my own spaces. I have loved design and decorating since childhood, always trying to create cozy spaces within my rooms and forts (fuzzy pillows and string lights, I still use them… just a little less purple and pink). I have “flipped” two houses and just finished a new house build. I have spent hours of researching, DIY-ing, and shopping online to attempt high quality looks on a lower budget and want to share these finds with others! 

I am drawn to clean lines, minimalist, and earthy tones, all with light & dark contrast. This draw leads me to what most would call a “Scandinavian” style. I love splashes of old/retro that have meaning; and you will also see some industrial and urban farmhouse… what can I say I wear a lot of hats. This probably comes from my love for Joanna Gaines #lifegoals. I am a relational person, yet introverted, so I jive with open concept homes and a few cozy nook spaces. Open concept allows me to feel that I can “do life” but be involved and near the activity of those in my home; the little corners/nooks are needed for personal recovery time (which for me typically involves coffee and reading material).

Life is busy and home should be a place of respite; practical and simple is my goal without conceding design and coziness.   

Why Redemptive Abode?

Redemption: the act of saving; restoring something ugly, making it beautiful and whole.
- My definition
Abode: place where one lives, sojourns - Webster has that one covered.

I have obtained the ultimate redemption by accepting that Jesus Christ died for me and that the ugly, natural sin I was born with is completely forgiven by His sacrifice. His resurrection is a picture of the new life, beauty, and wholeness I have in Him.

Not only do I dwell in my Savior’s redemption but pray that I reflect this in my home and in all that I do. My life’s journey has also brought earthly redemption. My “abode” has not always been safe, no matter how well I decorated. Which stems the idea that our homes are not made by the four walls surrounding us but the people within; so this must be dealt with first and foremost. Though decorating adds appeal, comfort, and serves those living in your home, the true beauty will be made from the hearts of those in your home. God has been good and today my sweet kiddos and I are able dwell in safety, peace, and coziness.   

So redemption in Christ and in your own personal space, that’s my focus for this blog. No matter where you are at in life’s journey I hope I can be an encouragement of both! See my resources tab for material that has helped me on my journey.

Also, if your home is not safe and you are feeling the unrest and confusion of domestic abuse PLEASE reach out and/or checkout a few items I have listed my resource tab. I am not an expert or trained counselor but I know your pain, you may feel alone but you are not!