A Complete Gender Neutral Woodland Animal Nursery, Organic And Natural

Neutral Baby Nursery with Woodland Animals

Here is a complete compilation of products for your little one's neutral woodland animal nursery.

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Before we start I would recommend starting a baby registry with Amazon. It is now universal so you can add any product from any other store to your list! Other benefits include a free welcome box, up to 15% off, and free return for 1 year!

Wall Art

Wall art is an affordable focal point for your room. It is the centerpiece to your room theme and ties in all the other pieces. One could choose accent walls and wallpaper, but in a nursery or kids room I like to do framed wall art that I can easily and affordably change out as they grow! These watercolor prints can be found here on this Etsy shop Designs By Leah Anne.

Simply download the files and print. I found Walmart to be the most affordable and they ship for free!

These are the picture frames I purchased for the nursery shown above. These are 11×14 and light beige wood frame, they come with a plastic glass.

Nursery Furniture

In my opinion essentials are crib and rocker. Co-sleeping was never my jam, as I couldn’t get any rest being paranoid I would roll over on them. So I always used a crib. Dresser is a nice addition if limited on closet space. I personally would never get a changing table. For my first baby it literally just became a dumping ground, it was always easiest to change my little one on the ground or bed. For second baby I did secure a changing pad to my dresser.

***The crib, rocker, side table, and dresser that I think would go nicely together as a set are in order.

My favorite cribs for this room:

My favorite rockers for this room:

I loved having a little side table next to my rocker for water, burp rags, and my breast pump.

Dresser Ideas: Based on Crib Choice

Check out this cute changing basket for dresser:

I love the boho frill and is so eye catching!

Sheets and Linenes

Long gone are the days of baby bed sets with comforters. For safe sleep it is recommended no pillows, comforters, bumper pads, or baby quilts!

Favorite crib sheets:

This is my top Amazon pick for great reviews and the look I would be going for with this theme. An added plus is that it is a breathable muslin.

If looking for more patterns or characters nothing can beat Target’s Cloud Island selection, especially at $10 a sheet.¬†

Favorite Blankies:

Miscellaneous Decor

A small lamp with natural rustic wood that ties into a Woodland Animal theme, but modern and minimalistic.

Final Small Accessories

I can’t complete this list without some adorable small pieces that will tie in this nursery theme completely. The hedgehog below has a removable pouch that can be heated in the microwave and spray some lavender on it! I was given one when my little guy was born, and at almost 4 years old he is still asking to snuggle warmly up to it!

These cute teethers and rattle get their own review. A small family owned wooden toy company with natural bamboo and organic cotton, compatible with essential oil to soothe or comfort your little one! The company is called Mali Wear.

I just can't stop these are all so cute!

If you made it through this whole list I am impressed! I hope you find some products that speak to your dreams for your little one’s safe space. I would love to hear how your nursery turned out, leave a comment below!

Happy Creating or should I say... Nesting!

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